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Please make sure that your shipping option drop down is set to your region when finishing your purchase. We ship internationally, to most countries on the globe! Order today. New International rate info coming soon.

U.S.A. Delivery Speed If you are ordering within the United States, you can expect your package in 5 to 11 business days.

International Delivery Speed If you are ordering outside of the United States, you can expect your package in 9 to 18 business days.

Exchange Shipping Costs You pay the postage to get it back; we send you your desired substitute. We realize that shopping online for clothing can be a guessing game, and sometimes confusing. If you receive a product and you aren't happy with the sizing or look of it, email us and we will communicate with you.

Incomplete Orders If you order multiple garments from one brand but one or more items are noted to ship at a later date your entire order will be held until it is complete before shipping. If you order from more than one brand, other brands items will ship in separate packages.

Quantity Based Rates ABSTRACTmall bases its charges on the number of items in your cart upon checkout.

Single Tier Shipping Option Since ABSTRACTmall works on drop shipment with some of our independent brands, we cannot guarantee any rush delivery services.

Defected Shipping Costs ABSTRACTmall and its associates cover all shipping expenses in incidents of a defected or incorrectly mailed product.