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Jiberish Winter 2012

Posted by abstractmall on October 20, 2011 11:54 PM

A preview of the products available in the first drop of two Jiberish Winter 2012 releases is now live. You may purchase these items starting this coming Saturday, October 22nd.

New styles of: Hoodies | Crewnecks | T-Shirts | Jackets | Flannels | Windbreakers | Hats

Since 2006 ABSTRACTmall has been a premium online retailer partner with Jiberish. From the days when there were less than a dozen hoodie and t-shirt styles and we were shipping out of a Denver living room, we have grown together as brands.

In August, Jiberish released a new website that has immensely relevant appearance and functionality. With this site came an online store built on the Shopatron system. Shopatron is a collective fullfilment engine that caters to brick and mortar retail shops. When a Jiberish order is placed, physical shops in your area can see your selection and have the opportunity to fulfill the order. This helps small retailers in this modern day economy by linking a brands website to these shops that would otherwise count only on walk in business or their own website.

As a small independent retailer our self, Jiberish aims to support our brand. Much like physical retail shops will receive products before they are on jiberish.com, ABSTRACTmall will be a hub for seasonal Jiberish releases. The first place you will be able purchase Jiberish items online will be here on aM. Products will be on their website at jiberish.com two weeks later. Thanks for the continued support.

Jiberish Winter 2012 on rack


Jiberish Goes to China

Posted by abstractmall on October 20, 2010 6:48 AM

With the 2010 Jiberish Fall Line in the works for nearly a year, we anxiously board a Korean Air flight across the largest ocean to see the fruits of their labors first hand. We land at a rainy airport in Qingdao, a large coastal city sitting between Beijing and Shanghai, on the East China Sea. After clearing customs we meet up with a few folks from our manufacturing team and motor into town.

Jiberish’s limited schedule in China prompts us right to work, and just an hour after arriving in the country we are standing in a medium sized silk screening workshop. A handful of printing samples lie on halogen lit, aluminum work tables for our consideration. A bold, colorful scheme of interspersed triangles, printed on black cotton fabric catches our eye. The print quality on this Jiberish hoodie called, ‘On Point’ looks as solid as ever, and the other proofs we check at this facility are exciting. Confirming the work with everyone’s favorite international hand sign, the “thumbs up”, we are shown to the sample facility where proof garments are sewn and completed.

China Gas Pump

Jibeirsh spends the next three days at the sample house working hard to review the samples for final revisions. Us creatives spend so much time at computers in this modern era doing nearly all facets of work; and in between clothing seasons, the emotional power of tangible fabric pieces is easily forgotten. One by one, pieces that were pondered, and toiled over, and added up to thousands of dollars simply with ideas developed on digital lineart, are brought out for Jiberish to critique. It was nearly impossible to control the gasps and the grins watching the clothing line materialize in front of us.

Jiberish is so excited about their manufacturers continued progression in creativity and quality. We consider their team there, artists as much as any of the inhouse designers, patternmakers or musicians.

Grand Cru tag

These skilled people work simply off illustrator artwork, mockups, techpacks and patternmaking dimensions and bring nearly a dozen specialized components together for these cut and sew pieces. In this sense, with the detail that is combined on garments as are Jiberish’s pieces, could would never become the masterpieces they are with out the artisans in China. That being said, there were plenty of high-5s taking place over the three day stay.

After wrapping up work at the sample facility we embarked on a 12 hour van ride from the city of Qingdao, down the interior of China’s industrial coast bound for a city named Shaoxing located in the greater Shanghai area. Through foggy windows and drissel we arrived late in the evening to a bustling low rise city.

Fabric Truck

Shaoxing holds one of China’s largest textile markets where an indoor/outdoor fabric mall spans for many city blocks in the heart of town. Even at the late hour of arrival the trade of the city was apparent, as trucks, forklifts and handcarts were busily shuffled by diligent workers in the muggy 80 degree nighttime heat.

The next morning we walked with two people from the Jiberish manufacturing team as they conducted checkups on fabrics for their many accounts. Without their guidance we would have surly been lost and overwhelmed by the choices in fabric swatches that unfolded before us. We saw some of the fabrics already in use on current Jiberish pieces and kept our eyes peeled for potential new fabrics for upcoming seasons.

China Gas Pump

Two days of hard work at the textile market and a return van trip and we found ourselves back in Qingdao, with one more day of reviewing samples that had been created since our departure. Our last meal in China was ironically KFC, the colonel is huge there. It is not only ironic because we were just a day away from Cheeseburgers and other American delights but our hosts thought we wanted AMERICAN FOOD now. It turned out to be one of the less appetizing meals of the trip.

The next morning we bid the friendly and skilled Jiberish production crew adue and with two industrial size duffles bulging with Jiberish samples boarded a Korean Air 747.

We also stopped in Tokyo for a few days to check out some streetwear boutiques and seek inspiration in one of the globe’s fashion mecca. CLICK HERE for video of the trip.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Winter 2011 line to be debuting here on ABSTRACTmall sometime in early November.



Posted by abstractmall on April 3, 2010 6:13 AM

We have had a few ME.GLAD Shirts and Pants up since December. We have connected with them again to put up some Men's and Women's Warm Wear. We shot some interview questions over to one of the founding souls behind the brand, referred to lovingly as "Floyd" to help introduce the new company. As a company with roots in Snowboarding, playful designs and based in Colorado, we are confident that ABSTRACTmall and ME.GLAD will be friends for quite some time.

ME.GLAD loves to snowboard

Hello ME.GLAD, and welcome to ABSTRACTmall!

How long has ME.GLAD been around? Well I guess I could say that we have been an idea and a catchy saying saying since 2007. Just a saying on the hill that turned into something fun and positive.

Where is ME.GLAD located and what do you love about this place? We are based out of Summit County, Colorado. My family is here and the community that we love with lots of friends. I love that it is where our roots are grounded in... and that there is a real awesome community here and lots to do... We live in an area that is worth working hard for, to enjoy the mountains and active lifestyle that we love.

We know ME.GLAD really loves snowboarding and features a few snowboard athletes through your brand, would you consider yourself a snowboard company or simply a clothing brand that has roots in the sport? Oh for sure a company that has rooted from snowboarders and skiers, but i would like to say that we are a brand for all people. There is that influence that is from what we love to do and that is enjoying the ride. We are a brand or people that want to use what we have and know that there is more we can do with our talents and companies. This generation of young people and riders of all types care for more things out there than ourselves... and that we can use clothing and a family of friends to do something! We hope to grow in this with our ME.GLAD vision to grow our "LiVE.LOVE project".

Given this snowboarding connection, are there any plans for making technical outerwear for snowsports in the future? There has been talk about making outerwear or some things that could easily be used on the hill but also off the hill as well. Just like ME.GLAD, it is something we want to be on the hill... but off the hill as well. There are some real awesome outerwear companies out there... but maybe we can offer something different and add to the other designs on the hill.

ME.GLAD is pretty new on the scene, what has been the biggest challenge getting this company off the ground? We are new... and it was started as a small grass roots/ local thing that more and more people became apart of. But, now we see that we CAN do something and want make that happen, with that comes lots of challenges. We can see that we can do this if we can keep the HEART of it healthy, and that people will get behind something and help it grow! ( I look forward to the story of ME.GLAD and its growth and success) I would say that getting the word out to everyone... seeing this company keep its vision and feel... and taking something LOCAL to GLOBAL so that everyone can be apart of ME.GLAD.


Any shout outs!? My wife first... she has walked beside me through some real hard times of believing in something and putting our family into all of this to see this go somewhere. My Dad and Mom, brother and sister. My TEAM for supporting and pushing us in all the areas that they are in... and believing with me. The ME.GLAD fans and supporters... thank you for the purchases and spreading the word about us and what we are about. Simply throwing a sticker on your car or board or just sneaking it onto a stop sign. Shops- Thank you to all the shops that have taken in ME.GLAD and are behind this vision and company to see it take offand pushing it in their stores. My designers that have helped walk through some rough bumps but that believe in this vision as well. and last but not least... ABSTRACT MALL for pushing out product and getting behind us and sharing this to their people and community, thank you for all the help and this short interview! Peace, Floyd with ME.GLAD brand


Regal Eagle Mixtape

Posted by abstractmall on February 25, 2010 10:17 PM

One of ABSTRACTmall's close friends and colleagues, Dillon Morris, has released a new mixtape that has received some significant Twitter chatter, a medium that is a really good barometer for how extensively your free media offerings are being explored.


Morris, who is working under the alias MoreDillon hails from San Diego, California, but is now based in Los Angeles where he is juggling his music endeavors with pursuing video and film production.

Dillon was responsible for updating much of the music featured on the ABSTRACTmall music player. (This music player is down until further notice unfortunately.) His uncanny ability to scour the net for audio gems of unparalleled obscurity proves him as an exceptional resource for media endeavors in and around the ABSTRACTmall network of artists.

The Regal Eagle Mixtape is a 44 minute upbeat adventure through some of today's most iconic and experimental sounds. It has a dance and electronic theme running throughout. Today, those words can mean just about anything, and Morris makes an example of that mixing electro, pop and dubstep. In tune with the current fad sweeping the 'techno' genre, the mixtape has more dubstep than anything else.


CLICK HERE! for the mixtape download info. We will be exploring new ways to bring you fresh audio content for your listening pleasure in the future.


Indie Music Side Project

Posted by abstractmall on November 25, 2009 2:30 AM

ABSTRACTmall cofounder Court Rye has created a new site with indie musicians in mind. The site, indilean.com eliminates the clutter and confusion most other lyrics and song meaning sites are known for.

indilean indie lyrics

Of course, artistic flow and ease of use were high priorities, much like with aM. Minimalist navigation and color variation draw eyes and minds towards the lyrics, the real artistic medium. The purpose of indilean is to connect emerging musicians with potential fans through lyrics and community. If a listener hears a song on the radio, coffee shop or as an opener for a larger band but then misses the name, indilean connects them back to the source lyrics and community. Once a visitor has arrived or stumbled onto a new song, her or she can leave a comment about their interpretation or next concert date. They can also read the existing comments and develop their interest, discovering more new songs.

The site functions so anyone can easily add lyrics from their own songs or songs they've heard and liked. Anyone can edit content if it's wrong and the whole thing works like a wiki. The focus is primarily on lyrics but each page also features a set of links to band website, listen location and where to buy. More listeners = more fans, and more knowledge of where and how to follow up = more money for bands and ultimately more great art. That's the idea... Indie artists who add their own songs to indilean.com will be getting free links, exposure, and a built in community.

indilean song lyrics

The primary focus at indilean is independent music because that's where growth and innovation happen. That's where the most controversial and raw lyrics can be served, where new thoughts and sounds emerge. This is where the commenting and community aspects come in. The whole system works together in a clean focused environment with the intention of changing the nature of lyric and song meaning sites forever.


New Jiberish Threadz

Posted by abstractmall on October 31, 2008 3:04 AM

New Jiberish clothing has just hit the virtual shelves of aM. This year features one of the most extensive lineups of all time from Jiberish with designs from the likes of Matt Yerman and our very own own Blake Kimmel.

One of the coolest new pieces (in our opinion) is the Designers Arsenal shirt which smacks of the 2006 design by Jason Thielke entitled... Tel-Key. Take a gander and leave your comments on the new designs as we do check those and pass it on. ABSTRACTmall works exclusively with Jiberish to provide feedback and deliver the most original threads here year after year.

new jiberish shirt


The Photography of Shaun MacLean

Posted by abstractmall on April 23, 2008 12:38 AM

Recently the crew of ABSTRACTmall has been collaborating to update the gallery on its page. We have been looking for artistic work from a variety of different artists. One person whose photographs have found their way onto our site is Shaun Maclean of Vancouver, BC. He produced interesting photos, which incorporated the night settings of his home.


Where are you from? Born and raised in Vancouver, BC.

I saw that you had a lot of city and night photography, what can you say attracts you to that subject? Vancouver is a super inspirational place, constantly changing, and everything here is unique. A shutter and lens turn the night into whatever you want it to be.


You seem passionate about photography, what are your other creative outlets? I spend the better part of my life in a fine dining kitchen, there's such a huge creative potential with food.

How long you have been into taking photos? About 6 years. Picked up an old film slr in high school, spent as much time in the darkroom as I could, and moved into digital in the last few years, mostly due to lack of darkroom resources. Film is still where it's at... if you can afford it.

Check out more of Shaun's work in the aM gallery or at his personal collection.