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Le Specs brings a unique frame setup to the classic gold/metal top accent that has been done time and time again through the history of sunglasses. With the horizontal accent dropped slightly off the top of the frame a 'wear... [0 Comments] Tags: , ,

Le Specs brand banner

When you head down to your bank to investigate who hacked your account all rules are out the window. In the new age of leaked passwords, purchased personal information and shaky PIN numbers don the digital nomads and let the... [1 Comments] Tags: , ,

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Tactical moves can come in or out of the heat of battle, poolside it can still be dangerous receiving multiple gunshots in the same location from that stunning woman across the shimmering water. Eventually, she will compel you to stand... [0 Comments] Tags: , ,

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Heavy slab appearance with the feeling of power and authority that comes with larger sized square frames. Some people get nervous when they are starting down the sights of a diesel locomotive. Keep it moving, keep it strong. Details: Total... [0 Comments] Tags: , ,

Le Specs brand banner

In the cosmos an orderly and harmonious system governs the many parts of our reality, from major phasors and powerful lasers to bleach blonde babes floating by on a summer day, we all turn with the system, in a spiral... [0 Comments] Tags: , ,

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