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Presented by Solomon, Witness was produced by Kyle Decker and features freestyle skiing and snowbarding. Starring talent such as Mike Clarke, Mitch Derr, Drew Hoffman, Mike Hornbeck, John Cody, Derrin Carelli, Justin Terman, Nick Burquien, Wiley Miller, Brad Dingess, Brian Power, Mike Mindala, Pat Cooke, and many others... The cover art was created by ABSTRACTmall's own Blake Kimmel and other sponsors include Jiberish, Spy Optics, Saga, Line, snow trails, 4FRNT Skis, and Helly Hansen. Witness is distributed exclusively on aM and can be purchased here: Witness by OFSmedia

Originating from the topographically challenged region of central Ohio, the OFSmedia crew was initially faced with a formidable challenge, documenting skiing and riding in a part of North America notorious for frigid temperatures, minuscule snow pack and petite size mountains. The murky skies and frustrating climate of the Midwest had been the ruin of countless local projects in the past, but this year (06' - 07') the OFSmedia squadron creatively utilized urban terrain and closed hill shots in their diversification to their home state as well as ambitious western U.S. travel schedule to bring variety and diversification to their riding. Whether tackling a sub zero late night urban shoot in the metropolitan Ohio, or embarking on a bluebird morning Utah sled expedition the roguery of the OFS crew was meticulously documented through the high definition lens of Kyle Decker.

What followed was a production that showcases the excitement and stoke of up and coming riders, who would otherwise be doomed to a season of sub par Midwest conditions, capitalizing on the opportunity to taste the fruits of the west. Witness up and coming talent conquer harsh environments, experiment on new terrains, slay oversized features, struggle with injuries and ultimately surmount a stereotype plaguing their homeland for so many years, that nothing good ever came out of the Midwest... This DVD has brought people together across lines and sports, featuring skiing and snowboarding in a unique and original way. Tags: , , , Share on Facebook, Digg This

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Love it!!! the scenery and the soundtrack are awesome, not to mention the riders.

I have really enjoyed Witness and I can't wait for a follow up! The helli shots are aweosome and the riders are all top of their game for sure. The cinematography is really what gets me... Awesome panning with unique angles. This film was done really well!

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