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Jiberish and aMcinema present theSPOTL!GHTproject, a high definition skiing expriment produced in association with Level 1 Productions. This skiing documentation offers a fusion of cinemtography, editing and motion design from ABSTRACTmall's Creative Director Blake Kimmel and features some of the most promising up and coming park skiers navigating Colorado's frozen suburbs and mountain sides.

This film will be distributed in both DVD and web formats. A $.99 quicktime download via ABSTRACTmall's digital distribution gateway will become available on October 28th. A DVD packed with extra footage is also available here for $9.45.

Featuring the riding of Mike Clarke, Henrik Lampert, Adam Delorme, Alex Martini, Tom Wallisch, Ben Wiltsie, Josh Bishop, Matt Walker, and others.

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Hey Mark, the song is by Treasure Fingers and it's called Anti Anti Remix - you can download it for free at their MySpace. It's the last song in the player and it's free! Treasure Finger MySpace

Do you know the song?

Awesome trailer. Can't wait to download it when its available.


Taylor, nice MySpace - the song is anti anti (treasure finger remix) - snowden and you can check it out on our aM music player and it has a link to itunes for download. We also post most of the Jiberish music there...

looks dope, what's the song called?

this video is super sick!!!! I want it!

Will any of you guys marry me? lol..awesome vid..think i fell in love with a lot of boys just know..hahaha

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