Jiberish US Freeskiing Open 07'

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Jiberish and Blake Kimmel would like to present a US Open video edit featuring Jiberish Family and Friends for your viewing pleasure.

Get the official word at the Freeskiing Open website. The event was held in Copper Mountain Colorado this year and went off without a hitch! Freeskier athletes in order of appearance include JP Solberg, Craig Coker, Taylor Felton, Stefan Thomas, Tanner Hall, Matt Philippi, Colby West, Simon Dumont, Justin Dorey, Andrew Hathaway, Alexis Godbout, John Spriggs, Mike Wilson, Ian Cosco, Sean Decker, Charlie Ager, Jon Olsson, Martin Mishof, TJ Schiller, Sammy Carlson, Jacob Wester, and Charles Gagner

Please Note: this video has a minute of blankness at the beginning... It will work, just be patient and let it play for a bit. Tags: , Share on Facebook, Digg This

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