Jiberish Store Ribbon Cutting

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Length:???? Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper cuts the proverbial 'red ribbon' at the new Jiberish Clothing LoHi Concept store on Dec. 17th, 2009 in Denver, Colo.

Additionally, prominent staff from the Office of Economic Development, including Director of the Office of Economic Development, André Pettigrew, came to support the opening. This office has been active in fostering the growth of creative businesses by distributing the 'Create Denver Revolving Loan Fund' which gives loans to aspiring creative businesses and entrepreneurs in a time when traditional lending is hard to come by.

Transcript: John Hickenlooper (Mayor of Denver) - Of course my only reservation about being here is the fact that people often refer to the spiel from an elected official as "jiberish", so. The Office of Economic Development in conjunction with the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs loaned almost $200K to assist 17 local businesses and Jiberish clearly is one of them. As you can see this is a business kind of based around the snowboarding free-skiing hip-hop aesthetic. They were founded in 2005, first sales in 2006. They now have 43 retailers in 16 countries. As we begin to work our way out of this economy, it's not going to happen from one big corporation moving Denver or another big corporation, it's going to be lots of small businesses who through their efforts and through their success, create a sense of optimism. Richard made a lot of connections about the creative class, they are creating the new economy and they're going to live anywhere, and they want to be in places that have cool shops like this (applause).

André Pettigrew (Director of Economic Development) - I was sharing with Dave that I've got a son who is a professional hip hop artist. You know, we're kind of overdressed here and I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what it is that you're going to get me into that would make my son not be embarrassed. Come on up here Dave (applause).

Dave Boger (Co-Founder of Jiberish Clothing) - So as mentioned previously, Jiberish is a recipient of the Create Denver Revolving Loan Fund. It seeks out local and creative businesses and provides them with lending in a time when traditional lending institutions are not doing so. Jiberish is one of the many companies that is starting to shape the new face of what Denver Colorado is. We truly have a unique culture here and we are excited to share that with the rest of the world (applause).

John Hickenlooper (Mayor of Denver) - The moment you walk into Jiberish you see that it's not designed like a normal store, right? There's a lot of attention to creating an atmosphere and a mood. From the actual volume of the space to the way its got detailing and paint. It's cool, you just want to be in here.

Really creative businesses are not completely recession proof but there are enough people out there that really care and in times when the economy is bad, they won't buy as much stuff but the one thing they'll buy is something they feel really reflects their personality, makes them excited about going out, you know see their friends, go to work, they'll go to custom designed stuff that's hip.

What advice do you have for young, creative entrepreneurs? You know, it's just like anything else, if you're talented that's only part of it. You've got to work hard, my only advice that I give to everybody, whether it's in school or young entrepreneurs just starting, is work hard and be nice. If you just keep focused on building relationships and working hard, you'll succeed.

How many Denver business openings do you go to? You know, I wish I got to a lot more business openings but we usually only get to one every couple of months, just because the schedule is so bad. We look for one that's unique, that's different, that puts the city in a positive light and where our presence can be of some benefit.

Blake Kimmel (ABSTRACTmall Founder) - Okay! Thank you sir.

Presenting the Jiberish "LoHi" Concept Store Store. 1620 Platte St. Suite F, Denver, Colorado 80302. Open Now, visit the Jiberish Website for pictures.
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