Jiberish 2008 Photo Shoot Fashion Show

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Bigger and badder than last year's 06' 07' Jiberish Photo Shoot this year Jiberish teamed up with a women's modeling group and booked a runway in Denver.

Featuring all of the Jiberish pro skiers and a digital walk through by Blake Kimmel, this year fans get a sneak peak of the creative process and an overview of the ABSTRACTmall creation process.

The video was recently picked up by Newschoolers.com and has been the primary element on the Jiberish homepage for some time now. ABSTRACTmall continues to be a key partner in the creative distribution of Jiberish clothing and has actually joined in to co-produce a shirt called Make it Rain in addition to collaborating on last year's Summer Sound and Color promotional shirt. Share on Facebook, Digg This

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