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Blake Kimmel, founder of ABSTRACTmall and partner of Jiberish Clothing out of Boulder Colorado, student at the University of Colorado was contacted by Fuel TV to do a short interview for their Dew Underground series. In this two minute video Blake discusses his background in art and interest in clothing.

Transcript: What's up guys, I'm Blake Kimmel originally from Huntington Beach California and now living in Boulder, going to school there. I'm a graphic artist, that's why I'm talking to you, I'm really interested in digital design - Illustrator, Photoshop. My free hand skills are actually... terrible. This one behind me was actually done in a print making class at the University of Colorado. I actually got a B- on that project, and I just want to give a shout out to Mess, my teacher, here I am on TV talking about it.

I came out to Colorado because I've always loved to ski, getting out here has really opened a lot of opportunities for me. Jiberish, a clothing company starting up out of Denver run by three super cool guys helped me get started, helped me meet a lot of people, actually paid me for my first artwork.

Seeing my artwork for the first time on a finished product was really rewarding. A lot of times you sit at your computer alone, and grind for hours and hours trying to make something that looks dope, and when it's finally done that's very relieving but even better when it's in the physical world and people can enjoy it - that's why I've been so into clothing design. It's a practical application for a piece of artwork, instead of just hanging on the wall it can be warn by people, enjoyed, seen by everybody - passers-by notice it.

The video areas has also been my passion for a while. It's all about getting out there with your friends and killin' it so I'm trying to capture that on video. The art scene in Colorado is pretty sweet, small, tight knit but definitely on the up and up and there are a lot of talented people out here. I think the outdoorsy active nature of this place keeps everybody super motivated to do as best they can at whatever they're pursuing.
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YES YES YES!!! you look awesome in this clip blake!!! i'm so pround of you!!!!

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